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O_ACELogo_clr                                                                    Anju Garg

I am Oracle Ace having  more than 14 years of experience in IT ndustry. I am a freelance  Oracle Corporate Trainer (DBA), blogger, author, speaker and technical reviewer.   I share my knowledge about oracle via my blog.  The aim  of my blog is to explain oracle concepts simply and practically.

I had the honour of being a member of Expert Panel and presenting two papers during Sangam14:

I presented paper on Adaptive Query optimization during OTN Yathra 2015 at Gurgaon.

I presented following Paper during AIOUG meet Sangam15 :

I presented following Paper during AIOUG meet Sangam16 :

Papers Published:

I also write articles for All Things Oracle and Toad World

I am one of the reviewers of  the following book published by Pearson

I am certified for :

  •  Oracle 9i  Database Administration OCP
  •  Oracle 11g Database Administration OCP
  •  Oracle 11g Performance Tuning OCE
  •  Oracle 11g R2 RAC OCE
  •  Oracle 11g SQL Tuning OCE
  •  Oracle 12c Database Administration OCP
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Certified Implementation Specialist




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  1. Can you please add a search option in your blog site so it would be convenient to search a specific topic of interest? Great Blog !!!


    1. Yes Sunil. I am a senior Corporate Trainer (Oracle DBA). I teach RAC, dataguard, Performance Tuning, Sql Tuning, Database administration, Golden gate and EM 12c


          1. HI Anju,

            I have reading your RAC11 G2 blogs from last 1 year. These are really helpful . I have one doubt here :

            Can we use OCFS for storing OCR and voting Disk. If yes do we still required OLR.

          2. Hi Neeraj,

            Thanks for your time and feedback. We can use OCFS for storing OCR and voting Disk. OLR will still be required. Same algorithm is used whether OCR/VD are stored on ASM or not.


    1. Good afternoon Mam, are you provide training oca, ocp in saturday, sunday in delhi? then told me. i want to meet you if possible.

  2. Hi Anju,

    I live in S Delhi and would like to attend classes on RAC and PT. Please let me if you have any batches?

    Also please let me know your email ID or contact#, it would be easy for me to follow up.

    Thank you.
    Vishal Verma

  3. Hi Anju,
    I had gone through your blog and found it to be very useful and recommended to most of my team members and friends. Please keep up the good work. I wish you all the best.
    BTW do you provide online training classes for aspiring DBA’s (Fresher’s who have finished MS Comp. Science in USA). You may please send your response and contact information to my email address.
    with regards
    Velu Uppuluri

  4. Hi Anju, myself Murali representing a Company named Dhruv Compusoft, Bangalore. We are looking for freelance Oracle DBA Consultants for our forthcoming projects who have more than 10 years expert experience. Could you please assist…



  5. Hi i have a problem with the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, in execution of file root.sh appears the next error, hope you help me thanks

    Failed to create or upgrade OLR

  6. Hi Anju,

    Your blog is very useful , mostly the index links like 11gr2 RAC index, 11g r2 dataguard index and others which consists of all the links which one would need from time to time. I would like to say that can you please make a same for oracle goldengate.

    It would be helpful.

    Thank You

  7. Hello Anju,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and you are doing a great job with all these wonderful articles which helps a lot.

    Since you are a great Trainer, I am interested to learn Oracle 11g Performance tuning. I always struggle with performance issues. could you please provide me the performance tuning course structure and fees. My current location is Bangalore and I am open for online training.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Manish Mittal.

  8. Hello Anju, Great work. I really appreciate your efforts to keep knowledge sharing via a personal blog and trainings.

    We are an online training company looking for really great trainers who would be able to take up online batches.

    Please get in touch with me in case you have any thoughts of taking it up!


  9. Hi Anju,
    Your blog is very useful specially voting disk and OCR.
    I searched regarding RAC events and tunning like 2 way , 3way but didnt get it.
    Could please add or tell me location of this Rac events and running ?


  10. Hi Anju,

    Keep up the good work , Appreciate your hardwork on each and every topic.
    I will surely recommend to people around.

    Please include some articles on patching ( at least 4 to 5 different patches for RAC 11gr2, and

    Also include some backup and recovery scenarios for RAC 11gr2 and beyond.

    Your blogs are all practical and easy to follow,far better than other sites.

    I see that you have included minute details as well , and i hope you will keep doing so.


  11. Hello Anju,
    Your blogs are too good..!!
    Each and every blog is well defined with practical.

    Thanks a lott for this..


  12. HI Anju ,

    I have some doubt in OEM 12c about configuration

    1 ) I have 18 OEM servers in different countries ie in different TimeZones . Now I want to use all targets which are in different country from one location ie from one OEM sevrer .
    For that I have opened Network Plociy for commnucating across country . NOw my question is how to setup agent in 1 OEM of different Time Zones.

    2) In OEM 12c Create and use multitarget os/sql JObs : So in this case I have around 2400 servers and for the compalince purpose I have to change every 30day my OS password ( oradb – for oracle
    grid – for Grid Infrastructure ) . So can it be change from there ( OEM ) ? Because from normal OS user ( other than root) /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow file can’t update and when I put passwd command in OEM 12c to change password in multiple hosts it will ask me to put the password . I mean how I can change password from OEM 12c of OS user ?

    My mail ID : dba.in.saurabh@live.com,dba.in.saurabh@gmail.com

  13. Hi Anju,

    I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have taken in creating such a wonderful and simple to follow blog on Oracle. I am an aspiring DBA but for one doubt which are very silly that is…. I wish to know….
    1. What is the scope of a DBA after say like 10 years with respect to job profile and availability in market for such senior post
    2. Apart for being a corporate traineer and freelancer what else can one get into after 15 years of hardwork ???

    1. Hi Kasturi,

      Thanks for the time you spent in reading my blog.
      A DBA has to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in his field. Everyday a new problem poses a new challenge for him and solving those problems makes him more experienced in his field. It is the experience and craving for learning that makes a DBA indispensible in his organization. My motto is ” Chase Quality and Quantity will chase you”.

      If you are the best in your field, nobody can stop you. The opportunities will come to you – You need not look for them. Instead of thinking about what opportunities will be available, simply go on doing your job dedicatedly and results will follow automatically.

      You can become a consultant, corporate trainer, ACE director, author , reviewer, Blogger — depends on your aptitude. There is no dearth of opportunities for hard working person.

      Hope it does not sound like a sermon.

      Anju Garg

  14. Hi Anju,

    First of all many thanks for sharing your knowledge, really appreciate that, Please keep up the good work.

    Secondly, Could you please suggest some good books or articles to understand the Oracle Internals ?? I am really interested in understanding the internals but the documents/articles are scattered so couldn’t give a systematic approach for studying these internals.

    When I say internals, I mean for every action that Oracle does, details of which process does that, what memory it utilizes and from where and who allocates how it allocates, inter process communication. I understand that’s a lot but I have a lifetime to study, at least sharing the approach would be much much appreciated.

    Junior DBA

    1. Hi Nitish,

      Thanks for your time and feedback. You can gothrough following books:
      – Oracle Core : Essential Internals for DBA’s and Developers By Jonathan Lewis
      – Troubleshooting Oracle Performance by Christian ANtognini
      – Expert Oracle Database Architecture byThomas Kyte

      Anju Garg

  15. Hi Anju,

    Can you Tell me how anyone can Start the learning ORACLE DBA.
    I am a SQL DBA and want to learn ORACLE DBA activities. Please suggest.

    Anshul Joshi

    1. Hi Anshul,

      To learn Oracle DBA, first you will need to learn Basic Database Administration which involves learning SQL, Oracle Database Administration workshop-I and Oracle Database Administration workshop-II. Since you are already SQL DBA, you may learn SQl on your own by referring to online oracle documentation. For Workshop-I and II, you may join a training institute or seek training from a freelancer. If you want to get certified, you will have to join some training institute since you need hands on training certificate for the same.

      Hope it helps
      Anju Garg

  16. Hi Anju,
    I came across your blog thru your article in LinkedIn DBA Plus Plus.
    Two words comes to my mind about the blog, it’s structure, “Simply Superb”. I know you must have spend good amount of time on the use/test cases, writing articles, presentations, etc. Your zeal to share in-depth quality knowledge making it simple is Excellent. Thank you very very much for putting this together, really appreciate your time and help, my deepest gratitude to your zeal, sharing, persistent, through qualities.

    Do you conduct on-line trainings, is it possible to get those details, I would be very happy to attend the sessions taught by you?

    Once again, Thanks so much for sharing everything, keep up the excellent work!!!


    1. Hi Shailesh,

      Thanks for your time and feedback.
      I do conduct online training courses for various oracle core DBA technologies like RAC, Dataguard, Performance Tuning, SQL Tuning etc.

      your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

      Anju Garg

  17. Hi Anju,

    I see your video on performance tunning.Great!!..Can your sent me the details as i need to take a PT classes.

  18. Hi Anju,

    I started following your blog very recently and i could say its really impressive and looking forward to learn more ,Please keep writing more articles , I request you to write an article on advanced queuing and its features :)

    1. Hello Bhavesh

      In order to subscribe, you just need to scroll down a little and enter your email address in the Box “Subscribe to Blog via Email” which is displayed on the right side of the blog .

      Anju Garg

  19. Hi Anju,

    This is the first time I’m reading your blogs. I do want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication and knowledge sharing. You are amazing. I have found all the materials you posted in your blog is very helpful for all DBA’s. Please keep up the good work and now I know where to look if I have any query.

  20. Hello Mam,
    I want to know your training program for RAC . I am interested to join you as soon as possible.

  21. Hello Anju Garg, Its a Great Blog.. Please let us know if you have any youtube channel. if not please start one it would be more helpful to us for .. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Thanks for your time and feedback. I do not have youtube channel currently. I have presented some webinars which you can access via “My webinars” tab on my blog.

      Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

      Anju Garg

  22. Hi Anju

    Thanks for sharing the oracle blogs, these are very good to understand. You are doing a great job . Keep up the good work.
    Also ,Could you please let me know if you provide the online training on Oracle RAC & Performane tuning.I would like to get the details, Request you to please share on my email id – sharma.dba87@gmail.com

    Many thanks again for all your hard work.

  23. Hi Anju,

    Thank you for the sharing all article on ORACLE DB. Could you please share the details of PT training detail .


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