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Anju Garg

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  1. Hi Anju Madam,

    I would like to request to post an article on Adaptive cursor sharing. I read various article but i am still confused with it behavior. Your explanation with example make thing very clear to understand.


  2. Hi Anju, the explanation on 11g RAC features is simply superb.I could able to remember things as I read on it without memorizing it. Thank for your time on sharing those.

  3. Hi Anju,

    My question is on Cardinality in row source operation. Part of my tkprof output is below.
    Please let me know the difference between card=108878 and rows (1st) value 12406832 shown. I know cardinality is the number of rows flown from one operation to other, but here what is rows (1st) .

    Rows (1st) Rows (avg) Rows (max) Row Source Operation
    ———- ———- ———- —————————————————
    12406832 12406832 12406832 TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID PWORKSPACEOBJECT (cr=984297 pr=979363 pw=0 time=39203597 us cost=29209 size=3810730 card=108878)
    12406979 12406979 12406979 INDEX RANGE SCAN PIPWORKSPACEOBJ_0 (cr=46839 pr=46834 pw=0 time=4248986 us cost=873 size=0 card=217859)(object id 69829)
    0 0 0 PX BLOCK ITERATOR (cr=0 pr=0 pw=0 time=0 us cost=99965 size=144804412 card=6295844)

    Thanks always for your help


      1. Thank you very much for providing the article link , I still has a question on rows and card values in rows source operation of trace output , in explain plan output we consider the card value as the number of rows processed in that operation , but in below case whats the difference between rows( value =258025) and card (value 229711) .Rows is number of rows returned by that row source operation, does card also signify the same?

        Rows Row Source Operation
        ——- —————————————————
        258025 PARTITION RANGE ALL PARTITION: 1 28 (cr=18811 pr=756 pw=0 time=664296 us cost=536 size=6661619 card=229711)
        258025 TABLE ACCESS FULL SALES PARTITION: 1 28 (cr=18811 pr=756 pw=0 time=465129 us cost=536 size=6661619 card=229711

        Thanks always for your time in helping us


        1. Hi Rakesh,

          card(inality) refers to the no. of rows as estimated by optimizer whereas rows are the actual no. of roes returned by the operation.

          Anju GArg

  4. Hi i have a problem with the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, in execution of file appears the next error, hope you help me thanks

    Failed to create or upgrade OLR

    1. Pls try this :

      With root user.
      chmod 755 /etc/oracle

      ### Deconfigure failed execution

      $GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -deinstall -force


      Hope it helps

      Anju Garg

  5. Hi, thanks to reply, i did that but i have the same problem, this is the entire problem

    /grid/11.2/bin/ocrconfig.bin: error when loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file : no such file or directory

    *Failed to create or update OLR


  6. hi again, i executed $GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -deinstall -force, but appears unknown option: deinstall


    1. Pls give me thr output of following commands :
      id (as user performing GI install)
      ls -l /dev/oracleasm/Disks/*
      echo $ORACLE_HOME
      echo $ORACLE_BASE


  7. Hi, can you help me with the next issue i have a problem with installation of that “/usr/sbin/oracleasm init”, when execute appears the next message:
    Loading module “oracleasm”: failed
    Unable to load module “oracleasm”

    i have installed asm

    the version of kernel is:

    1. Hi,

      It seems that oracleasm rpm version does not match that of your kernel .
      Download oracleasm rpm’s of same version as kernel and retry.

      Hope it helps

      Anju GArg

  8. Hi,

    I do not have good knowledge in oracle performance tuning. can you please post step by step sql query tuning. For example, get a query from application team. general steps for query tuning. Please post ASAP. it will be useful for me. you can also send it to my mail id. Please do it as a help.