12c : Access EM Express for CDB / PDB / Non-CDB
12c: Access Objects Of A Common User Non-existent In Root
12c: Clone An Existing PDB as Non-Sys User
12c : Connecting to CDB/PDB – Set Container vs Connect
12c : Connecting To PDB’s With Same Name
12c: DDL Log Does Not Identify The Source PDB
12c: Display CDB/PDB Name In SQL Prompt
12c: Does PDB have an SPfile?
12c: In-database Archiving
12c: Improve Backup Performance Using In-database Archiving
12c: Optimizer_dynamic_sampling = 11
12c: PDB cannot share CDB’s temporary tablespace
12c: Enhancements To Partition Exchange Load
12c: Performance Issue With In-database Archiving
12c: Plug in 12c Non-CDB As PDB
12c: Solution To Performance Issue With In-database Archiving
12c: SQL Management Base Stores Plan Rows too
12c: Transportable Database
12c: Transport Database Over Network
12c: Unable To Access EM Express For Non-CDB
12c: USE_SID_AS_SERVICE_listener_name
Documented Parameters in 12c
Duplicate Point-In-Time Recovered PDB using Backup
ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)
Map OS Groups To Administrative Privileges After Installation
Oracle : Hot cloning of Non-Container Database
Oracle Hot cloning of Pluggable Databases
ORA-65023: active transaction exists in container CDB$ROOT
Oracle Database Automatic Big Table Cache
Parameters Deprecated in 12c
Undocumented Parameters In 12c


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