Webinars / Videos


How To Do And Choose Your Best Performance Analysis Strategy
How to Develop Solutions when the Top “Event” is “DB CPU”
Upgrading And Migrating to Oracle 12c : Part I (Viscosity)
Why Upgrade To Oracle Database 12c (Oracle)
A SQL Performance Problem Seek & Destroy by Karen Morton
Oracle Database In-Memory In Action (Enkitec)
Full DB In-Memory Caching (OBE)
In-memory column store workshop (Maria Colgan)
In Search Of Plan Stability Part-I (Karen Morton)
In Search Of Plan Stability Part-II (Karen Morton)
12c Adaptive Optimization (Kerry Osbourne)
Defence In Depth With Oracle Database 12c (Oracle)
Oracle Database 12c Pluggable Databases ( Kellyn Pot’Vin)
Analyzing and Troubleshooting Parallel Execution (Randolf Geist)
Writing SQL Right (Karen Morton)
Visual SQL Tuning (Karen Morton)
SQL Injections (Techgig)
Complex Reports Made Easy With SQL Aggregation Queries (Embaradero)

SQL Tuning
Do you lack stability in your life? Especially when it comes to Oracle Execution Plans?
Understanding Oracle Explain Plans by Dan Hokta
What To Look In Autotrace Output
Access vs. Filter Predicates In execution Plans
Let Us Not Burn Database CPU (AIOUG)


Oracle RAC 12c Release 2 New Features 
Extended Distance Oracle RAC (RACSIG)
Highly Available NFS (HANFS) Over ACFS (RACSIG)
Load Balancing a RAC Database
Oracle Rapid Home Provisioning
Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure management Repository (GIMR) (RACSIG)
Ensuring Your RAC Databases Meet Business Objectives At Runtime  (RACSIG)
Oracle 11g Clusterware failure Scenarios with Practical Demonstrations (Kamran)
Oracle Flex Cluster 12c (RACSIG)
Oracle 12c RAC Upgrade – Best Practices (Syed Jaffar Hussain)
Managing & Troubleshooting Clusters – 360 Degrees (Syed Jaffar Hussain)
What’s New With Oracle 12c RAC and ASM (Aman Sharma)

Oracle Cloud File system (ACFS/ADVM) (Oracle)

Database Cloud Adoption Simplified – An Oracle ACE Perspective

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