White Papers / Presentations

Oracle Database New Features(Presentation by Deiby Gomez)
Partitioning with Oracle Database 12c
SQL Plan Management in 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Best Practices For Gathering Optimizer Statistics in 12c
Understanding Optimizer Statistics With Oracle 12c
Enhanced Subquery Optimizations In Oracle
Oracle Database New Performance Features (Christian Antognini)
Parallel Execution Fundamentals With Oracle Database 12c
Upgrading to Oracle Database (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Database 12c Global Data Services (Oracle White Paper)
Plug Into Cloud With Oracle Database 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Multitenant (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Database In-Memory (Oracle White Paper)
Optimizer In Oracle Database 12c
Adaptive Optimization (Kerry Osborne)
Oracle’s Approach to Performance Tuning Part-I by Darrick Addison
Oracle’s Approach to Performance Tuning Part-II by Darrick Addison
Oracle Performance Tuning : A systematic Approach (Guy Harrison)
SQL Plan Management in 11g (Oracle White Paper)
Interpreting Execution Plans (Christian Antognini)
Bind variable peeking : Bane Or Boon (Christian Antognini)
Statistics – How And When ? Ask the Oracles (Christian Antognini)
SQL  Profiles (Christian Antognini)
Tracing Bind Variables And Waits (Christian Antognini)
Adaptive Cursors And SQL Plan Management (Arup Nanda)
Partitioning in 11g (Oracle White paper)
Oracle Database Parallel Execution Fundamentals (Oracle White Paper)
Understanding Parallel Execution Part-I (Randolf Geist)
Understanding Parallel Execution Part-II (Randolf Geist)
The Oracle Optimizer – Explain The Explain Plan

Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Active Data Guard 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Active Data Guard 11g (Oracle White Paper)

Oracle Exadata Database Machine White Papers (Oracle)

Oracle RAC 12c ( Operational Best Practices (Oracle Presentation)
Understanding Oracle RAC 12c Internals (Oracle Presentation)
Understanding Oracle RAC ( Internals (The Cache Fusion Edition) (Oracle Presentation)
Oracle Single Client Access Name (SCAN)(12c) (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle 12c RAC (Oracle White paper)
Oracle Clusterware 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Maximize Availability with Oracle 12c (Oracle White Paper)
An Insight Into Oracle Flex ASM And Its Benefits
Application Continuity with Oracle Database 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle 11gR2 RAC (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2 (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Database 11gR2 High Availability (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Single Client Access Name (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle RAC One Node 12c (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle RAC One Node 11g (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle 11g RAC (Oracle White paper)
Automatic Workload Management With Oracle 11g R2 RAC (Oracle White Paper)
RAC Administering Parallel Execution (Riyaz Shamsudeen)
Top 10 Things You Always Wanted To Ask About ASM (Oracle)
Oracle Database 11gR2 – Extending ASM To Manage All Data (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle Cloud File System FAQ (Oracle)
Oracle Cloud File System (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle ACFS (Oracle White Paper)
Oracle ACFS / Cloud File System (Innovative IT Solutions)
Managing Storage in Private Clouds with Oracle Cloud File System (OOW 2011 presentation)
Highly Available NFS over Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) (Oracle White Paper)


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