CDB Fleet in Oracle Database 18c

Oracle database 18c  introduces a new CDB Fleet feature  which allows many CDBs to be managed as one. A CDB fleet is a collection of CDBs and hosted PDBs that you can monitor and manage as one logical CDB from a centralized location.

There are two possible roles within a CDB Fleet:

  • Lead CDB: Only one CDB in the Fleet may be designated as the Lead CDB. The lead CDBis the central location for monitoring and managing all the CDBs in the fleet.
  • Member CDB: The CDBs registered with a lead CDB are called member CDBs. There can be one or more member CDB’s in a CDB fleet.

For every  member CDB,  proxy PDBs for the member CDB and its PDB(s) are automatically created in the lead CDB,.  Consequently, all the member CDBs  and their PDBs are now “visible” in the lead CDB . This enables management and monitoring of the entire estate of PDBs in the fleet, physically distributed across various CDBs, from the lead CDB.


Reporting, monitoring, and management of the entire CDB fleet through a single interface:

  • Provides massive scalability of the underlying infrastructure
  • Reduces capital and operational costs
  • Provides greater efficiencies to the business.

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