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12c Dataguard: Recover From Service
12c Multitenant: Super-fast Provisioning Of Standby Databases
12c: Database Backups Using ACFS Snapshots
12c: Integrating ACFS Snapshots With RMAN
12c: TSPITR Using ACFS Snapshots
ASM Proxy: New Instance Type in Oracle 12c
Defragmentation Can Degrade Query Performance
Duplicate Point-In-Time Recovered PDB using Backup
Automatic Big Table Caching In RAC
Highly Available Unified Logging in RAC 
Histograms: Pre-12c And Now
Incomplete / Complete Recovery Using RMAN Cold Backup
Issues With Oracle Multitenant Application Containers
Migrate Oracle Database To ASM Using ASMCMD
Oracle : Hot cloning of Non-Container Database
Oracle Hot cloning of Pluggable Databases
Oracle 12c Cluster: ACFS Leverages Flex ASM
Oracle ACFS High Availability NFS Services (HANFS) Part-I
Oracle ACFS High Availability NFS Services (HANFS) Part-II
Oracle Automatic Storage Management Filter Driver (Oracle ASMFD)
Oracle Clusterware 12c: What-If Command Evalulation-Part-I
Oracle Clusterware 12c: What-If Command Evalulation-Part-II
Oracle Data Pump In RAC
Oracle Database Automatic Big Table Cache
Oracle Flex Custer: Leaf Node Application Failover
Oracle Flex Cluster: Leaf Node Failover
Oracle Multitenant Application Containers – Part I (Introduction)
Oracle Multitenant Application Containers – Part II (Create Application Container)
Oracle Multitenant Application Containers – Part III ( Data Sharing )
Oracle Multitenant: Convert Single Instance PDB to RAC Plugging It Into  A RAC CDB
Policy Managed RAC One Node Databases
Re-registering Databases In A Cluster With srvctl: Problems And Solutions
Session Cursor Caching – Part-I
Session Cursor Caching – Part-II
Server Pools : What’s New In Oracle 12c?
Split Brain: What’s New In
Upgrade 11g R2 RAC Database To 12c RAC Pluggable Database Using Full Transportable Export / Import

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