Book Review: Oracle Database 12c New Features by Robert Freeman

This book touches a myriad of new features of oracle database 12c relevant to DBA’s, developers and architects. It starts with new features as well as step by step detailed instructions of  installation along with relevant screenshots followed by an  introduction to EM Express. Next chapter covers new features related to upgrading to Oracle Database 12c and various methods to perform the upgrade. All the subsequent chapters explore  a whole lot of  new features from which as a DBA,  I was more interested in multitenant architecture, Flex Clusters, Flex ASM, ACFS, RMAN-Related New Features, Oracle Data Guard New Features, auditing , statistics and Optimizer-related new features. For  every feature,  first the need to introduce the feature has been explained followed by the demonstration of  basic functionality of the  feature with simple and easy to reproduce scripts.  There is a lot left to be learnt and explored for which you need to refer to documentation and practice. In short, this book a launching point to start your journey  for understanding oracle database 12c.

Thanks to the author Robert Freeman, contributors Scott Black,  Tom Kyte and Eric Yen for putting together such a great book. A must have for Oracle enthusiasts.



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