12c RAC : CRS-2917: The ‘Free’ server pool cannot be removed from the system.

I got following error when I was trying to configure a user defined policy set using a policy set definition file.

[grid@host01 ~]$ crsctl modify policyset -file policy.txt

CRS-2917: The ‘Free’ server pool cannot be removed from the system.
CRS-4000: Command Modify failed, or completed with errors.

- I tried to diagnose the error using oerr as follows:

[grid@host01 ~]$ oerr CRS 2917

2917, 1, "The '%s' server pool cannot be removed from the system."
// *Cause: The command to remove the server pool from the policy set
// would have caused it to be removed from the system completely.
// *Action: Reissue the 'crsctl modify policyset' command with the -ksp option.

- I reissued the command with -ksp option as advised

[grid@host01 ~]$ crsctl modify policyset -file policy.txt -ksp

- The command succeeded successfully.

I hope this post was useful.

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12 thoughts on “12c RAC : CRS-2917: The ‘Free’ server pool cannot be removed from the system.

  1. Hi Mam,
    Thanks for your blog for learner like us,
    I want to install Oracle 12c Rac implementation on virtual box do you have the procedure.

    1. Hi Abdul,

      The procedure is same as 11g r2 rac. Only difference is you can now create leaf nodes in addition to the hub nodes (conventional nodes) as well.

      Anju Garg

      1. Hi mam,
        while installing 11gr2rac i did not had dns machine implemented with 2 nodes and shared disks in virtual box ,tried the same way for 12c but while installing Grid Home the user equivelance test(ssh keygens) were not generating and throwing error and was not able to procedd further,so i was struck..


          1. Sorry mam for delay,the error no was

            INS-06006- passwordless ssh connectivity not set up between the following nodes or they were not reachable.

            The os version is OEL6 update6 64bit and db,grid is

          2. It appears that second node is not accessible from first one. Check pinging from OS prompt.
            If required chk /etc/hosts or DNS settings

            Anju Garg

          3. i have not configured DNS server as i was not able to find proper doc for configuring dns server for scan ip just given entry in side the /etc/host file the public,private,vip,scan ip
            the public and private ips are pinging.


  2. Hi Mam,
    i have agained tried on oel6 update5, both the nodes are pinging but user equivilence test is not passed manually i have tried.
    i have noticed this error may occur due to preinstallation rpms.
    can u send link for 12c database,rac preinstalltion rpm download links.


        1. Hi Abdul

          I think you have customized Linux installation and have not installed rpm for openssh which is required to establish ssh connectivity. Just check and install it.

          Anju Garg

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