11g R2 RAC has extremely simplified the process of adding a node to the cluster as compared to 10g RAC or 11g R1 RAC.  To know the  procedure to add a node in 10g RAC or 11g R1 RAC pls visit click here.
Now, after the introduction of SCAN and GPNP, we need to follow very simple steps.
Current scenario:
I have two nodes in the cluster presently.
Host names :
- host01.example.com
- host02.example.com
Node to be added : 
- host03.example.com
 Prepare the machine for third node
 — Set kernel parameters
 — Install required rpm’s
 — Create users/groups
  — configure oracleasm
root@host03#oracleasm configure -i
                       oracleasm exit
                       oracleasm init
                       oracleasm scandisks
                       oracleasm listdisks
              all asm disks will be listed
– Configure ssh connectivity for grid user among all 3 nodes –
   –  On  node3 as grid user
[grid@host03 .ssh]$ssh-keygen -t rsa
                             ssh-keygen -t dsa
                             cd /home/grid/.ssh
                              cat *.pub > host03
                             scp host03 host01:/home/grid/.ssh/
[grid@host03 .ssh] $ssh host01 
                           – Enter password
 [grid@host01 ~]$cd /home/grid/.ssh
                          cat host03 >> authorized_keys
                         scp authorized_keys host02:/home/grid/.ssh/
                         scp authorized_keys host03:/home/grid/.ssh/
– Test ssh connectivity on all 3 nodes as grid user –
– run following  on all 3 nodes twice as grid user–
echo ssh host01 hostname >> a.sh
echo ssh host02 hostname >> a.sh
echo ssh host03 hostname >> a.sh
echo ssh host01-priv hostname >> a.sh
echo ssh host02-priv hostname >> a.sh
echo ssh host03-priv hostname  >> a.sh
chmod +x a.sh
– Run cluster verify to check that host03 can be added as node –
grid host01# cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n host03 -verbose
– if time synchronization problem, restart ntpd service on each node
– Error grid is not a member of dba group – ignore
grid@host01 ~]$. oraenv –+ASM1
[grid@host01 ~]$ cd /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/oui/bin
– Add node 
[grid@host01 bin]$./addNode.sh -silent “CLUSTER_NEW_NODES={host03}” “CLUSTER_NEW_VIRTUAL_HOSTNAMES={host03-vip}”
– Execute oraInstroot.sh and root.sh on node3  as root –
– check from host01 that node has been added –
host01 grid > crsctl stat res -t
– Start any resources if they are not up already –
host01 grid > crsctl start resource <resource name>

After you have added a node, in case you want to clone database home on that node, please click here.



8 thoughts on “11g R2 RAC: ADD A NODE

  1. bro i have running ./addnode.sh script on oracle user connect to grid user [oracle@rac3]$cd $GRID_HOME/oui/bin then run script ./addnode .sh but its takes 10 and more why its take 10hrs or more time

  2. Also, we need to update /etc/hosts with new hostname, private and virtual.. Then copy the same file to other nodes..

    1. Hi Gyanendra

      You are correct. We need to update DNS / /etc/hosts with the new hostname. In my set up I was using DNS in which entry for host03 was already there.

      Anju Garg

  3. Hi I am getting below error but I see /et6c/resolv.conf on both nodes havce same entry and I am not using DNS server

    File “/etc/resolv.conf” does not have both domain and search entries defined
    domain entry in file “/etc/resolv.conf” is consistent across nodes
    search entry in file “/etc/resolv.conf” is consistent across nodes
    All nodes have one search entry defined in file “/etc/resolv.conf”
    PRVF-5636 : The DNS response time for an unreachable node exceeded “15000” ms on following nodes: oratst01,oratst03

    File “/etc/resolv.conf” is not consistent across nodes

    Checking VIP configuration.
    Checking VIP Subnet configuration.
    Check for VIP Subnet configuration passed.
    Checking VIP reachability
    Check for VIP reachability passed.

    Pre-check for node addition was unsuccessful on all the nodes.

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